If there is one defining “technical/theoretical” feature of the Tap into Yourself philosophy of Possibility Wave (our brand) it would be the appreciation of the most fundamental dynamic of life…..Possible > Probable > Certain.We will talk more about it because (and there are numerous other reasons) of the way our society has become reliant on statistics that are the basis of a new form of superstition. The “superstitious flaw” is that statistics are accepted as “certainties” (aka “facts”) while truthfully, they are at best indications of “heightened probabilities”. The statistical process attempts to explore broad sets (in some cases an infinite set!) of indeterminate possibilities and “sense” if there are trends projecting into the unfolding events and therefore some significant probabilities emerging.

With probabilities identified, an new layer of decision making can be initiated that will further shape the probabilities. The “gamble” is when a person “projects” certainty into a yet fully formed probability. Big risk takers will do this for the addictive thrill.

In the Possible > Probable > Certain process (which is happening to everyone at every moment) are all the major life issues: fate, karma, change, luck, destiny, free will, etc

The movement from Probable to Certain is still a massive leap. No matter what the process of Change, it is not over until the Fat Lady of Certainty sings.

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