After four years of incredulity and not-so-gentle mocking, Bo Thide of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and a team in Italy have finally proven that it’s possible to simultaneously transmit multiple radio channels over exactly the same wireless frequency. In theory, according to Thide, we could potentially transmit an “infinite number” of TV, radio, WiFi, and cellular channels at the same time over the same frequency, blasting apart our highly congested wireless spectrum. Thide’s approach is rather simple. Basically, electromagnetic waves can have both spin angular and orbital angular momentum (OAM). If you picture the Earth-Sun system, spin momentum is the Earth rotating on its axis (producing the day-night cycle), and orbital momentum is the Earth rotating around the sun (producing the seasons). In standard wireless communications — radio, TV, WiFi — we only modulate the spin angular momentum of waves. For years, Thide had theorized that orbital angular momentum could also be added to wireless signals, effectively creating a spiral signal that looks like fusilli pasta; or, in the words of Thide, a “radio vortex.”Now, in an experiment in Venice, Thide and his Italian colleagues have transmitted two signals at the same time, on the same frequency, over a distance of 442 meters (1450ft). Pictured on the right is the antenna that the team used. No, your eyes don’t deceive you: To create these radio vortices, all you have to do is make a cut in a standard parabolic reflector and twist it slightly. If you imagine a corkscrew of radio signals being continuously transmitted from the outside edge of the antenna, that’s effectively what’s occurring. On the receiving end, there are two “normal” TV antennae (Yagi-Uda) set apart by the same angle as the break in the transmitter. These antennae “decode” the vortex, and voila: Two radio signals transmitted over the same frequency.It is hard to put into words just how significant Thide’s discovery could be. If the vortex preserves other aspects of wireless communications, such as multiplexing, then in the short term we could be looking at a wireless spectrum that can carry 10 or 20 times as much data. In the long term, as our understanding of orbital angular momentum grows, our wireless spectrum could effectively be infinite. To be honest, this is such a huge twist for wireless communications that the full repercussions are not yet known.

With radio and TV, and now cellular networks, wireless spectrum is one of humanity’s most valued resources. It is because airwaves are so clogged that companies like Verizon or Vodafone pay billions of dollars for just a few megahertz. If Thide’s discovery pans out, not only would wireless spectrum lose most of its value, but the trouble and strife surrounding LightSquared, international roaming, LTE rollout, white space wireless, and digital TV simply cease to be.

Wave-linking through the (quantum) vacuum involves a factor that is more subtle than the known forms of energy; it is best called “information”. Information in the vacuum is not a metaphysical feature: it has a scientifically acceptable explanation. It is standard knowledge that particles that have quantum property known as “spin” also have a magnetic effect; they possess a specific magnetic momentum. Hungarian theoretician Laszlo Gazdag pointed out that this magnetic impulse is registered in the vacuum through particle-triggered secondary vortices… this way the vortices created by charged particles in the vacuum carry information, much as magnetic impulses do on a computer disk.

Everything we do…..every little thing….once done….lasts forever and is known by every living thing everywhere.

Life itself is its own witness.



“The mystical is the power of all true science”. “Consciousness is the field of all possibilities.”

The core premise is that there exists a field of information storage and communication in the quantum vacuum of space that is the contemporary understanding of what yogic tradition called the Akasha or Akashic Field. Information is the medium and energy and matter emerge out of it.

Did you know a vortex is a specialized wave form and not something separate from a wave. “Waves” are where it is at!!

In quantum physics, there is exists the classic wave-particle simultaneous duality. Most recent advanced experimentation point to the apparent fact that the wave nature is primary and the particle nature a secondary expression.

In quantum vacuum/ zero-point energy theories, information is thought to generated, transmitted and stored in the super-dense, super-fluid medium of “empty space” in wave forms and their interference patterns.



Since light travels at the speed of light (duh!), let’s imagine a disembodied observer (pure mind with no mass) traveling at the speed of light. Einstein’s equations would predict that from light’s point of view (the point of view of the disembodied observer), it travels no distance and takes zero time to do so. This points to something very strange indeed about light. Whatever light is, it seems to exist in a realm where there is no before and no after. There is only now.



If there is one defining “technical/theoretical” feature of the Tap into Yourself philosophy of Possibility Wave (our brand) it would be the appreciation of the most fundamental dynamic of life…..Possible > Probable > Certain.We will talk more about it because (and there are numerous other reasons) of the way our society has become reliant on statistics that are the basis of a new form of superstition. The “superstitious flaw” is that statistics are accepted as “certainties” (aka “facts”) while truthfully, they are at best indications of “heightened probabilities”. The statistical process attempts to explore broad sets (in some cases an infinite set!) of indeterminate possibilities and “sense” if there are trends projecting into the unfolding events and therefore some significant probabilities emerging.

With probabilities identified, an new layer of decision making can be initiated that will further shape the probabilities. The “gamble” is when a person “projects” certainty into a yet fully formed probability. Big risk takers will do this for the addictive thrill.

In the Possible > Probable > Certain process (which is happening to everyone at every moment) are all the major life issues: fate, karma, change, luck, destiny, free will, etc

The movement from Probable to Certain is still a massive leap. No matter what the process of Change, it is not over until the Fat Lady of Certainty sings.



Imaginary means that the act of consciousness entails a false concept or perception. It involves a deluded act.

Imagination is the use of a fundamental aspect of consciousness whereby activities that may supersede the information from the senses is appreciated as sets of mental images. These images may very well be representative of actual events.

Intuition is closely associated with imagination. Inductive inference is a psychological process that may incorporate acts of imagination to help link or bridge various related experiences.

The startling fact is that our senses only harvesting 5% of the information from the environment, it is our Imagination that attempts to connect the dots of the missing 95%.

Conscious acts of Intention are exponentially fortified by associated Images.