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Informed Interactivity

Information-Coded Biofeedback Apps

Tap into the world of bio-communication and
open living systems using our apps. Your
Intuition is your 1st sense and not your 6th.

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ADAPT Wellness

Life is a two way bio-feedback process. Likewise our apps embody this message using a sophisticated process called I-Field Informed interactivity. Our I-Field assessment process creates a dynamic two way bio-communication system.

Explore our first of many apps featuring the I-Field Process. Are you ready to Dissolve Anxiety and Tap into Yourself?

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Become who You already are.

Possibility Wave is all about the You that not only knows the sacred but is sacred. The You that is not just the plants and animals but the planet itself. The You that is inter-connected with everything organism around you.

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The domain of the I-Field assessment Informed Interactivity process

Allows ways of assessing you and your present moment state and experience. The “I” in I-Field assessment stands for “information”. Traditional wisdom and finally now cutting edge science both recognize …

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All living systems depend on shared information.

Communication is at the very heart of life. Possibility Wave apps come to life as they interact with you.

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Are You Stuck in the Middle?

Ever wondered why we experience difficulty “Tapping into our selves”? Well, to begin with, we are all “Stuck in the middle”!

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